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These certificates are required when construction of a new dwelling or some other structures including alterations and additions is being submitted for approval under State Environmental Planning Policy (Exempt & Complying Development Codes) 2008.

This certificate is quite simplistic and states the Bushfire Attack Level (BAL) with reference to AS 3959-2018 Construction of buildings in bushfire prone areas.

This style of report is invaluable when trying to ascertain what level of bushfire attack your proposed building may be and how that is going to affect construction requirements and other matters requiring consideration by the document Planning for Bush Fire Protection 2019 being asset protection zones, water supplies, access provisions and the bushfire risk. We strongly advise this for all persons purchasing in a bushfire prone area and wishing to build a new home or undertake alterations and additions.

These very detail reports will assist in your planning for a bushfire event and are normally associated with schools, hospitals, tourist accommodation and aged care facilities etc.

They are most often now required by the local council and the NSW RFS and become conditions of consent with a development application approval.

These plans are all prepare in accordance with the relevant Australian Standards and the current policies of the NSW Rural Fire Service.

This style of report is required when construction of new dwelling or other structure including alterations and additions is being submitted to your local council under the development application approval process.

The report is necessary when your land is included within the Bushfire Prone Land Map for your local government area. Whilst this information is publicly available from your council feel free to ask for our advice as to whether a Bushfire Hazard Assessment Report is required.

This report will provide you and council with important information and recommendations for the construction methods required, the provision of asset protection zones, access and water supplies so as to satisfy the document Planning for Bush Fire Protection 2006