About us

Control Line Consulting is a professional bushfire consulting practice formed in 2003 and based in Windsor NSW at the Hawkesbury Professional Business Chambers.

Fully certified Bushfire Planning And Design – A Level 3 practitioner and business certified by the Fire Protection Association of Australia and recognized as being a fully qualified consultant by the NSW Rural Fire Service. A Level 3 practitioner is the highest possible attainment within the industry.

An original and founding member of Australian Bushfire Assessment Consultants (ABAC).

Recognised as providing bushfire hazard assessment reports and consulting services to the highest industry standards.

Principle profile

The principal consultant at Control Line Consulting is Craig Burley.

Craig has a lifetime of extensive experience in all facets of bushfire mitigation, protection, suppression and regulatory consulting.

  • Bushfire Planning and Design – A Level 3 Certification with the Fire Protection Association of Australia.
  • Foundation member of the Bushfire Planning and Design Special Interest Group and the Technical Advisory Committee for Bushfire Safety within the Fire Protection Association of Australia.
  • Recognised as fully qualified bushfire consultant by the NSW Rural Fire Service.
  • Post Graduate Diploma for Design in Bushfire Prone Areas (UWS 2003).
  • Over 30 years fire management and suppression duties within Australia, United States of America and Botswana, Africa.
  • Other specialist skills include;
    1) Air Attack Supervisor
    2) Group Officer
    3) Prescribed Burn Supervisor
    4) Operational Fire Ground Manager
    5) Remote Area Fire Team Leader and
    6) Helicopter Winch Instructor

Craig’s extensive operational skill set bring an unparalleled depth of bushfire knowledge. When combined with the professional expert knowledge of Planning for Bush Fire Protection, AS 3959 Construction of buildings in bushfire prone areas and other legislative requirements his firm is able to provide levels of service unequalled in NSW.